Sunday, November 21, 2010

Funny COD fb convo

Michael has awesome abs ahha but heres a convo of why Micheal says girls cant play COD there are some super funny aprts ahah
It took 3 word pages ahah

Brian: My mom says i have no life becuz of COD lol;)

Millad: i go tell ur mom to jump in a ditch and see how life is without COD

Brian: but i love my momyy !

Millad: well COD is more inportant cuz of the suspense the only suspense i get wit my mom is wen i arue with her to get me the New CODs

Morsal:‎^ godddd dauuuum millad you speak it out! lol and i mean if you guys play me in cod you wont even be alive for 2secsss i am soo good (:

Biran: okay morsal illl rape you in cod no joke !

Morsal: Hahah reallly? I wanna see you try! You should of seen me play ryan I killllled him so I wonder what ill do with you?!

Brendan: I like How girls like cod lol

Brian: i think its hot hahah^ and morsal we will see !!

Morsal: So brian you think its hot how I'm saying that?! (:

Jack: when my friends first asked me to play cod, i thought it was fish

Millad: Jack go kill urself

Brain: Yea morsal ! totally ;)

Jack: thats nice millad

Millad: Haha lmao


Morsal: umm michael im sorry i dont see anything on the video game saying boys only so shuttttuppp. and brian hahah ♥


Morsal: no... i heard you say some stuff about me during lunch..?

Michael: MALE BONDING. but no i dont think so

Morsal: noo.. girl can play too! thats why me and brian are playing together. and yuup i think so.

Michael: BRIANS A TRAITOR. and i dont remember but i dont think i was. ya no iwasnt cause we were trying to figure out what caitlyn and demi were talking about the whole time

Morsal: how is brian a trator? and lets stop giving him notifications..

Brian: i am not a trader im just think when girls play cod its hot ;) hahah nothing big michael!

Michael: what is the world coming to???

Morsal: It's coming to a very good world(:

Brian: micheal stop being a fuckingg nerd ! im mean no girl on cod thts like haveing a sausege fest.

Morsal: ^hahahaa that was funnny!

Michael: SAUSAGE FESTS ARE NECESSARY SOMETIMES!!! jesus christ (brains last name) havnt u ever seen like stepbrothers or something?

Brian: Step brothers are for homo's alright hahaah

Morsal: well brian tolddd youu michael.

Brian: and i dont like other peoples sasuages haha its not funn without a vaginaa . hahaa!

Michael: most of the time that is true. but there are things that should not be disturbed by girls. such as. football, COD, or any manly video game.

Brian: i love you michael but thats complte bull ! haha whould u rather tea bag a girl in cod or a boy ? ight i thought so

Morsal: Michael umm your rude cause just case we are girls is dosnt mean we can't do anything I like football and uhh hello last year i showed you how I'm good at it(:

Brian: Good at what ?in bed ? lol justkiding womens right micheal. womens rights ,, hahaha

Michael: YOU DONT UNDERSTAND!!! GIRLS HAVE THINGS THEY DONT DO WITH GUYS!!! morsal. would you bring a straight guy on like a shopping trip with your friends?


Brian: i would go haha im not going to lie haha

Morsal: Hahah yeah that too Brian! Hahah JOKE! In fball! And Michael yea I wanna take Brian and you to the mall so I can get you guys a pretty outfit for Christmas (;

Brian: not to buy stuff but to hang out hahaa

Michael: if its ur gf thats different though. like u can play cod with your gf, but not just with chicks. unless your gettin laid. if its not your gf and your not gettin laid it just cant happen

Michael: ‎)''': IM SO ALONE

Brian: oh micheal i can get laid ... hahaa

Michael: than by all means go do it!!! BUT U CANT PLAY COD WITH A CHICK

Morsal: Are you okay Michael?!

Brian: end of discoition im going to sleepp peace ♥

Micahel: NO IM NOT OK.

Micahel: he just doesnt get the rules of male bonding.....)'''':

Morsal: Yeah I know your not. I'm going to bed too lol michael stop blowing my notifications (:

Millad: i always thought wen girls played video games they would suck at it no offense lmao i havent found one girl thats good at COD

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